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Best Oil & Gas training in kerala kochi kozhikode

The global oil and gas industry is under sweeping changes due to international pricing competition and with the dynamics of the industry changing, with aging asset infrastructure and the need to decommission equipment in a safe and environmentally friendly way. However as well as aging infrastructure, there is also an aging workforce which is leaving the industry and taking valuable knowledge and expertise with it. With the industry in need of a new workforce to take it strongly in to the future, this clear practical and exciting course gives you the foundation knowledge to help you on your oil and gas industry career. so traiac automation oil & gas division provide world class training on oil&gas related fields for engineering graduates in kerala











Our syllabus

  • • Overview of Industry and role of a Process Engineer in various fields
  • • Basic design requirements based on the types of plants / projects
  • • Overview of Basic Engineering Package
  • • Introduction to PFD, P&ID and PDS of equipments
  • • Relevant Codes and Standards used in industry
  • • Development of PFD: Process & Utility
  • • Mass and Energy balance – Design Basis, Sample Calculations and Utilty Sizing Interlocks, Control
  • • Philosophy, Valves Selection and sizing, Safety valves sizing
  • • Development of P&ID: Process and Utility, Line Sizing & Pressure Drop Calculations
  • • Pump Selection and sizing
  • • Heat Exchanger Design (Thermal Design)
  • • Distillation Column Design
  • • Available Software used in industry and their applications
  • • Personality Development & Mock Interviews Preparation
  • Calibration
  • Maintanence
  • Troubleshooting
  • Automation Basics
  • Instrument Installation
  • Loopping
  • Safety measures
  • Work permit system
  • Quick Contact